A New Year, Time for a New Career?

One topic being discussed often–maybe more often–lately is career change. The conversation typically centers around how your job and life has changed due to COVID (working from home has you thinking about wanting to do it permanently, or you realize during a pandemic that life is short and you are unhappy doing what you are doing) and then the article spotlights what changes others have made. Change often includes starting a business. One woman seems to be experiencing six-figure success with her new goat yoga venture!

If you have decided that you want to change your work life by opening a business, I applaud you. The majority of my entrepreneur clients who left their jobs to pursue an entrepreneurial path have few regrets. If you live in Ohio, see my blog post on what you need to know to start a business in Ohio. If you would like to discuss what is required to start a business in Ohio, please reach out to me at julie@juliemillslaw.com. And, check out my other related blog posts, at https://lawthingsfamily.wordpress.com/, search “Business.”

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