I am an attorney licensed in Ohio.  This blog is to provide very basic information that addresses issues families face.  For specific legal advice, use a post here as a prompt for a discussion with your attorney.

Because I am licensed in the great state of Ohio only, what I mention here might not be the law in your state.  If you reside in another state, contact an attorney licensed in your state for clarification or advice.

“Law Things Family”: what issues do families face?  Everything.  From marriage to buying a house or starting a family business, issues facing a child with a disability in school or life, caring for aging parents, divorce and child custody…from sending a child off to college, to planning for your family’s future.  I am an expert on some of these matters, but not all.  For areas outside my expertise, attorneys and others who are experts will share their expertise here.

I know what issues my family faces–what about you and your family?  Are you married with children?  Single with pets?  Married with pets, single with children?  “Family” is subjective, and means what you create it to mean.  Hopefully these posts are relevant to everyone, at some point.

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